Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Issue # 3 The figth for life part one

     Belle: "Woah whats this mirror doing here
I wonder what happens when I turn it (turns it)."

Greely jr: "Sorry im late woah belle what are you doing its getting darker on this side is that suppose to happen?"

Belle:" Im not sure but im gonna investigate."

Greely Jr: "Be careful Belle!"


Belle: "Well it looks to me like I should step in (steps in)."

  Belle: "Hello there sir, what are the eagles d d doing on the wall!!!!!"

King of darkside: "Welcome Belle to the dark side this is where all bad things happen im surprised you came all by yourself with out your little friend. And btw those eagles got in fight and are being hung on wall..."

 Belle: "Oh thats not good and also he didnt wanna come he planned to work with his dad greely today."  

KD: "Well its to bad your gonna have to suffer because I got to go and everything in the dark side is bad luck." 

Belle: "Don't worry little eagles I will free you from here I just need to unlock these locks... Got it here you go now you guys can fly away!"

Evil villian: "KD im back from that adventure with the phantoms like you told me to do, who's this rhino."

KD: "Oh don't mind her shes just a rhino named Belle she saw that mirror and investigated the dark side"

Belle: "Who are you?"

Evil villian: "Oh you don't need to worry about me im just your dark side."

                                  To be continued...


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Issue #2 underground

 Greely: "Welcome back Belle today we are doing a mission to help a poor little bunny who lost her hamsters in her house i know you guys can do it to help save jamaa!"

 Belle: "I know we can do it so lets go in the portal and go to the house."

Greely jr: "Lets do it!"

                                                      Belle: "Whoa through we go!"


 Greely: "Great everyone is here perfect bring the hamsters back to me and the bunny when your done."

Belle: "Yep."
Greely jr: "I know dad."

                       Belle: "Ooh crystals pretty oh wait a got distracted already thats one of my bad habits."

  Greely jr: "Aww you so cute hamster I will bring you back to where you belong!"

      Belle: "Hi little hamster im gonna bring you back to your owner Rosy shes very worried about you little hamsters."

 Belle: "Your hard to reach I will you down from there and back to rosy safely."

Greely: "Great job guys for saving Rosy's 3 hamsters she really missed them we knew we could count on you 2 and look what great job you did!"

Rosy: "Thanks so much for your help you guys are great friends I hope to see you sometime soon in jamaa."

Belle: "It was so much fun doing this Rosy we hope to see you sometime soon in jamaa!"

Greely jr: "Your welcome Rosy if you ever need anything again we will be sure to help but for now see you sometime soon in jamaa!"

 Greely: "Hop back on the portal back to our place say bye to Rosy."

 Rosy: "Bye."

Belle and Greely jr: Bye

Monday, May 19, 2014

Issue # 1 introducing belle the rhino

                                                       Belle: " Hi everyone im belle the rhino I do mission/adventures with new alphas today I am with greely's kid Greely junior!"    

                                                       Greely  Jr : " Hi as all you may know greely is my dad he is a very awesome alpha for all you may know. Belle is a great agent too!"

 Belle: "This our portal back to jamaa/our home we love it in jamaa thats why we do missions to help save jamaa!"

                                 I hope you enjoy this new comic!