Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The school

 Mr. Splat: Welcome everyone to out school as you may know im mr. splat now everyone say your name!

Students: Im belle, Lily, Zoey, swindle, Henry greely junior.
 Mr. splat: Now today we are gonna be detectives the kind that solve mysteries find a partner!

Belle: Zoey wanna do this with me?
Swindle: Sure * Trips and falls into portal*
Belle: Zoey no!!!!

Lily: Why does this look so old is it someones grave?

Zoey: I dont know it has a crack ill get a hammer and hamer it

Henry: These crystals look so cool!
Greely jr: Ya I like the purple one

Mr. Splat: Woah this egg is so cool I wanna go out with it!

Belle: Guys we have to Swindle out of here lets go in!

Mr. splat: Guys im last im the fattest

Swindle: Woah where am I this place is so cool and look at all the birds!

Mr. splat: Wait guys help me im stuck help!! Oh wait im fine:) 

Belle: Oh ya this is the saving jamaa agency

STudents: Cool!

Belle: Ya so now you know

Swindle: Wait why is our owner here?

Violet: Hi guys

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the new agent issue #6

 Belle: "Welcome to the saving jamaa agency you must be the alpha shaman agent?"

Lily: "Yep are those  birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!?"

Greely jr: "Ya why?"
Lily "Im scared of birds"
 Belle: "Oh dont worry thats just mrs.eagle
Greely jr: Thats just chocolatechip there our new birds."

Lily: "Oh!"
Greely jr: "I forgot mention im greely jr and this is belle."

Greely junior: "So whats your favourite thing to do?"
Lily: "Its saving jamaa of course!"

Belle: "Whats your favourite colour?"
Lily: "Green."
Belle: "Well it was nice meeting you hope to have fun for the next mission/adventure with you bye!"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

the fight for life part 3 issue#5

Belle's mom: "Thats why next week the new alpha shaman will come and the week after that you guys will start school and go to school together also you will make a lot of friends!"

Belle: "I can't wait!"

Greely jr: "Dont you have to defeat the darkside belle?
Belle: Of course only with your help."

Evil Villan: "DK I was thinking the only way to still stay evil is to inject a needle with phantom vinim and put it in our selfs."

DK: "Great plan let's do it soon because Belle and her little friend might get hurt and die."

 Belle: "Greely junior I think its time that we go in and fight them? Mom I will try to be safe you can watch if you want?"

Belle"s mom: "Just be careful Belle you haven't been trained to fight yet same with you greely junior."



DK: "AAAAAHHHH whats happening to me?"


Belle: "Yes we did it( hugs mom so tight)"
Greely jr: "Congratualtions we did I think this calls for some rest? Maybe? Idk."
Belle's mom: "Aw Belle im happy you guys did it but we should be going home its almost supper time."
Belle: "I know lets leave this horrible place for good!"

Belle: "Mom we have to do something about this mirror it always shines black and jammers might get stuck here."

Belle's mom: "We can't do much we just have to hope no jammers will get caught!"

2 little birdies: "tweet tweet we need a home please keep us!"

Belle: "Aww mom look the birdies need a home can we keep them?"

Belle's mom: "Sure as long as they don't get annoying."

Belle: "Yay come on birdies we are gonna take you home."

Birdies: "Thanks guys!"

Mom: "Good night Belle, good night Greely junior."

Belle: "Good night mom good night greely junior."


Birdies: "Tweet tweet good night tweet."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The fight for life issue #4 part 2

 Belle: "I have a darkside!!! Why me?"

Evil villian: "Don't worry your not the only one well I guess you are thats why that mirror distracted you and made you want to come to the darkside to get fighted thats right fighted!"

Belle: "Well what exactly happens if you come to the normal side?"

Evil villian: "I will vanish int thin air for a few months thats all."

Belle: "Greely never wanted me or anyone to fight the darkside he was always worried that we would would vanish if we lost."

KD: "Great job evil villian keep it going and shall make Belle vanish!"

Evil villian: "Wait did you say greely?"

Belle: "Yes why is that a problem?"

KD and evil villian: "Good she doesn't know! "
Greely jr: "I know I shouldn't be doing this I might get kidnapped but its for a great cause I don't want Belle to get kidnapped and be with my dad. Well I guess its time to hop inside and im really glad Belle's mom is able to come too!"

 Belle: "OMG Greely jr what are you doing here!"

Greely jr: "I came to help you because I care about because your a really great friend and I heard what you were talking with greely I have to talk to you about that."

Belle: "Ok I guess we can but it has to be outside I don't want these people to hear."

 Belle: "Mom why are you here?"

Mom: "I came to help you greely jr told me what is happening!"

Belle: "Could someone please just tell me what's going on!"

Greely jr: "Yes outside of course lets go."

Greely jr: "Ok so the truth is greely has been kidnapped by the darkside he said he would be back in the summer he wants to explore for a while don't worry he will be back."

Mom: "And greely has a great surprise for you which is...
Since he thinks that you would like more help there will be a new alpha shaman coming soon."

Belle: "Wait greely is kidnapped! What are we gonna do with out him we need him."

Mom: "Thats why a new alpha shaman is coming."

Belle: "ok."
                                                                TO BE CONTINUED....


PS The last part is next week so be excited and prepared!